Mentoring is the critical role and responsibility assumed by an experienced employee who agrees to help, build a relationship with, and facilitate the professional growth of one or more colleagues. The mentor is not a line manager but a ‘career friend’.  Mentoring might suggest the sponsorship of a junior colleague by a senior colleague, or be seen as a relationship amongst equals in which someone is helped to develop themselves by a member of their peer group.

The mentoring relationship is non-judgemental and confidential, aimed at giving the mentee the confidence and capability to meet current and future challenges at work or in relation to work. It is non-judgemental in that it is distinct from performance management or annual reviews, and has at its heart the individual rather than the institution’s or PI’s goals. Indeed, it aims to complement the communications between, for instance, a PI and a researcher. It is not meant to challenge any authority and nor is it a relationship of authority.

The Leicester Learning Institute's website contains information on the following aspects of mentoring:

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