Student Groups

The University of Leicester Student's Union has two key student groups for women; the Women's Association and the Feminist Society

The Women's Association

This group has been set up as a campaign group, and representative for students who identify as women.  They aim to improve the

representation of women, and will look at multiple identities.  Representatives from groups such as LGBT+ and BAME are also members of the Women's Association, and sit on the committee.

Women's Association

Women's Association

The Feminist Society

This is open to all genders, working towards equal respect and opportunities for women and men.  Key campaigns and issues they have discussed are:

  • No more page 3
  • Ending 'lad' culture
  • Sexual violence
  • Under-representation in leadership positions

The Feminist Society is open to University of Leicester students, staff, alumni and graduates

The Feminist Society

UOL Feminist Society

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