Parent and Carers Network for Staff and Students

The idea for this network is to support women and men, both staff and students who have caring responsibilities either as parents or as carers for other relatives.

The network aims to provide help and support to those with caring responsibilities particularly at transition points, for example becoming a carer for an elderly or unwell relative, becoming a parent, going through the adoption process, going on maternity or paternity leave and returning from career breaks.

The dedicated webpage will provide links to relevant resources such as details of nurseries and financial support such as the newly launched conference childcare fund.

One of the planned activities is to set up an informal buddy or mentoring scheme so that colleagues can help each other by sharing tips and advice on how to cope with balancing the demands of work with home and family life.  This will be facilitated through informal coffee and cake meeting sessions on-campus.

The network is also intended to support students and to give student carers a place to raise the issues that are relevant them to ensure that these are being addressed.

If you would like to join the mailing list or to register your interest in being involved in this network please email Henrietta O’Connor:

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