Wednesday 7 March

Dorothy Jones Lecture: 'Cytokine interference in immunity to infection – my journey through science’

12.00pm–2.00pm in the Frank and May Lecture Theatre, Henry Wellcome Building

This lecture series is in memory of Dr Dorothy Jones who joined the University as a Research Biologist in 1965, became a Senior Research Fellow and then an Honorary University Fellow.

The speaker Professor Anne O’Garra obtained her PhD in microbial biochemistry at the MRC National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR), London and then pursued a postdoctoral fellowship in immunology, on the role of cytokines B cell function.  Now an Associate Research Director, and Head of the Laboratory of Immunoregulation and Infection at The Francis Crick Institute, Anne O’Garra continues to direct research on cytokines and the immune response, with major emphasis on the immune response in tuberculosis in mouse models and in human disease. As an advocate of women in science, O’Garra chaired the Athena Swan Institute Pilot Bronze award for the NIMR and continues to promote gender matters in science at The Francis Crick Institute.

This free lecture is open to graduates, students and staff. For further information, please contact Gina Barnett

'Lessons from Litigation - sexual harassment claims to employment tribunals' 

  • This event has been cancelled.

‘Food and climate change: A cosmologist's perspective’

2.00pm-3.00pm in the Bennett Link Lower Ground Floor Lecture Theatre

Department of Genetics and Genome Biology Seminar, delivered by Professor Sarah Brindle, Professor of Astrophysics, University of Manchester.

‘Night-time economy and sexual harassment’

  • This event has been cancelled.

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