International Women's Day Events

Below you can find details about all the events which are taking part across campus for International Women's Day 2017.

Monday 6 March

  • American First Ladies' Discussion
  • Roundtable discussion of American First Ladies
  • Barriers to Gender Equality in Academia
  • Professor Louise Kenny to share her experiences as a Genovate and Clinical Academic - 2PM

Tuesday 7 March

  • Film Screening & Q&A - A film screening and Q&A session with Leverhulme artist in residence Kajal Patel. KE LT2 - 6:15-7:30PM

Wednesday 8 March

  • Women in Mathematics - Hosting an exhibition entitled "Women of Mathematics throughout Europe: a gallery of portraits". This is a touring exhibition which is aimed at a broad audience. It opened at the 7th European Congress of Mathematics in July 2016 in Berlin, and is now touring throughout the UK and Europe. The day will also involve talks from female staff members on their journey in Mathematics. The event will be followed by a wine reception. - CWB Belvoir Park Lounge - 9AM-5PM
  • Women in Physics - Professor Louise Harra to give a preamble about her career and experience as a woman in Science and to meet with students in a "women in physics" style coffee - 3PM

Thursday 9 March

  • International Women's Day celebration at the Curve Theatre - Involves talks from women in Business, Education, Health & Fitness, Arts & Culture, Politics/local government, Non-traditional roles. There will also be stalls sharing information and workshops like 'The Power of Health - Work-Life Balance', 'Getting Your Business Idea Started' and 'Personal Development to Zumba', 'Ballroom Dancing' and more.
  • Work-Life Balance Discussion - A roundtable discussion with a panel consisting of staff from a diverse range of departments.

Other involvements

  • Renaming buildings - Renaming of prominent buildings throughout the week. Can you find them all?
  • T-Shirts - All catering staff to wear IWD t-shirts during week
  • Reading list - An IWD-themed reading and viewing list that the Library will advertise on their website.

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