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How will I book a temp under Unitemps?

Before a booking can be made you must already be set up (see How do I get authority to book a temp).

When you set up a new assignment you will need to complete a Unitemps requisition form which can be found at: https://www2.le.ac.uk/offices/hr/policies/how-do-i-hire-someone/unitemps

The primary information we will need is:

  • Name of role e.g. payroll administrator
  • Brief role description (this can be used to determine the grade in conjunction with the recruiting manager
  • Pay rate (see What hourly rate should I be paying temps? University ID log in required)
  • Estimated duration
  • Hiring Manager/Timesheet Approver and deputy
  • Department
  • Hiring Manager/ timesheet Approver’s phone number and email address
  • SAP Cost centre/Project code

When you want to book a temp you will need to submit a completed and authorised requisition form to the office at: unitemps@le.ac.uk

Jobs are advertised online and suitably qualified/ experienced temps are sent the details by email or text. For low skilled jobs at short notice, the first of these to reply will be offered the job. With a greater lead-in and for jobs of a more specialist nature, Unitemps can produce a shortlist of candidates for you to choose the one best suited to your requirement. Alternatively, Unitemps can make a selection on your behalf.



How do I get authority to book a student temp?

You will need to get authority from your Head of Department before making a temp booking.

If you wish to book a temp for the first time then you will need to ensure that your Head signs off the requisition form and emails it to unitemps@le.ac.uk They will need to be set up as an authorised signatory with Accounts Payable for the cost code they are looking to use.

Once set up as a hiring manager you will be sent a username and password (you can change the password if you wish) by email.


I already know who I want to work for me and just need them set up with Unitemps. How do I do this?

You will need to submit a requisition form and provide a full business case and CV for the proposed named candidate explaining why the role is not eligible to be offered out to a UOL student via an open recruitment process. Unitemps will then review the business case to determine if the case is eligible. Any roles that do not require a specific skill set or qualification will need to be offered out to University of Leicester students in the first instance.

If the candidate is on a restricted visa, you must ensure that the candidate does not exceed their working hours restrictions, across any bookings they may have through Unitemps, and also through any substantive contract they may have at the University. For example, if they are a post graduate student on a Tier 4 visa with a 20 hour restriction, and they have a substantive contract for 7 hours at UOL, they can only work a maximum of 13 hours through Unitemps. Any timesheets approved which push the candidate over their 20 hour limit could result in a criminal/civil penalty for the hiring manager.

I only want to offer shifts to those in the group of student temps I have trained. How do I do this?

When you set up your job(s) you can give Unitemps the details of all the individuals to be booked against these jobs. They must, however, already be registered with Unitemps. They will then be sent confirmation and terms and conditions. When you then wish to find a temp for a particular shift, inform Unitemps and they will send an email to everyone in your bank of temps.

Unitemps are happy to help you with the identification and selection of temps for you to train. Please contact the Unitemps office if you wish to discuss this option.


How are timesheets completed?

Timesheets are entered weekly by the temp themselves online at www.unitemps.com. If a temp has any problems doing this please ask them to contact the Unitemps office. They are then approved by the Hiring Manager/ Approver (or nominated deputy). When you are first set up as an approver you will be sent a user name and password to use at www.unitemps.com where you will be able to approve timesheets online.

Timesheets are best approved on a weekly basis. If any timesheets are still unapproved at the payroll cut-off date (10th of the month) then an email will be sent to remind you to approve the appropriate outstanding timesheets.

If you know that you will be away when a timesheet needs approving please contact the Unitemps office to ensure that a deputy has been set up. You are able to set up more than one deputy approver for each assignment.


What will it cost my department?

When you book the assignment and agree the hourly rate for the temp(s) Unitemps will give you the total cost that you will be recharged. This will include holiday pay as well as Employer’s National Insurance (where applicable).


How will Unitemps workers be paid?

Unitemps workers will be paid monthly through the University’s payroll. For payroll deadline information please review either the University of Leicester or Unitemps website.


If someone is currently in receipt of USS, PAS or Friends Life pension, can they work for Unitemps without their payments being affected?

Anyone already in receipt of a pension can work at Leicester in any type of employment or as a temporary worker without any need to stop receiving their pension. This will be picked up during candidate registration with Unitemps


Can I hire someone as a student temp who is already employed within the University?

Yes you can. When they complete their Unitemps registration the temp will be asked this question and payroll will ensure that the correct procedure is followed to comply with Inland Revenue requirements.


I have had two or more no-shows from a particular student temp; can I stop them being offered another assignment with me?

If you have any problem with a temp, either one working with you or one who hasn’t turned up for an assignment then please contact the Unitemps office.





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