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Union Learning is a TUC backed initiative designed to help union members access learning opportunities for personal development and career progression. Union Learning is facilitated by the activities of the Union Learning Representatives in your workplace.

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Union Learning at the University of Leicester

Unite, Unison and UCU are engaging with the University to establish a Union Learning Agreement designed to establish good practice in the provision of training and education opportunities for its employees. The implementation of the agreement will be facilitated by the work of the Union Learning Representatives elected by each union.

Union Learning Representatives act as facilitators rather than providers, thereby complimenting the existing employee education and training services provided by the University.

Union Learning Representatives

The Union Learning Representative can help you reach agreement with your manager on how best to address your Learning needs and to ensure that the practices defined in the Learning Agreement are implemented in spirit and deed.

If you have any questions or issues relating to training, learning and your personal development contact your Union Learning Representative: Chris Brain

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