Health and Safety Rep

Do you look around you and think ‘someone should do something about that’?

With all the changes happening around us, and to our roles, we need more people to become involved in Health and Safety. This can involve reporting issues, problems and practices to your existing reps, or becoming a rep yourself.

Please think about becoming a Unite Health and Safety Rep

This can be a very rewarding role; you will be able to undertake workplace inspections, examine risk assessments etc, have opportunities to interact with the University at various Health and Safety fora and committees. Your involvement will influence policies and decisions; as well as representing and supporting members with their individual issues. You will be able to undertake Health & Safety training, great for both personal and workplace development.

With recent changes to Health and Safety law; compensation and tribunals; it’s more important than ever to ensure that all near misses, dangerous occurrences and workplace accidents / incidents are reported to Safety Services, so there is an evidence trail. This will help on two levels.

1 – if in the future, you are in the position where you’ve had an incident at work that has affected your health, your case will be in a stronger position

2 – with the new sentencing guidelines that became law in February this year, the more things that are brought to the Universities attention, they will have a greater motivation to address those issues promptly, and improve people’s working environments.  If you would like to know more, talk to one of our reps at the AGM, or contact us through the Unite pages of the University website. We look forward to hearing from you

Maxine Gunning

Sulina Hendy


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