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At Unison, we pride ourselves on looking after the interests and welfare of our members. Whether this is through the process of Collective Bargaining with the University or supporting our Members through personal and workplace issues. If you are not currently a Member and would like to join, please contact a Steward or Officer for an Application form. 

Alternatively, go to our Regional (East Midlands) website where you will find a printable, freepost, Application Form.

Chair Paul Corazzo Research Enterprise Division pac28@le.ac.uk
Health and Safety Officer
Marcin Idaszak Portering mi108@le.ac.uk
Health and Safety Officer
Communications Officer
Bill Hassan Portering bh138@le.ac.uk
Treasurer Benoit Welch Research Enterprise Division bpw6@le.ac.uk
Equalities Co-ordinator
Welfare Officer
Hamzah Alsabur Maintenance ha174@le.ac.uk
Stewards: Debbie Ellis Leicester Services Partnership de58@le.ac.uk
Bill Hassan Portering bh138@le.ac.uk
Benoit Welch Research Enterprise Division bpw6@le.ac.uk

Contact Procedures (All enquiries)

  1. Please contact your reps for any advice or assistance you may require.
  2. If you cannot reach anyone, please phone 0116 252 3731 and leave a message on the voicemail. These are accessed regularly.
  3. You can email the branch at unison@le.ac.uk.

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