Work to Contract suspended

UCU branches have agreed to suspend the current work-to-contract on the basis that the employers have agreed to restart talks. This information is from

Talks should therefore resume shortly on the key issue of the comparability of the USS schemes with the Teachers’ Pension Scheme. We will be able to raise crucial aspects of the package imposed in October 2011, such as the: inflation cap, accrual rates, and revaluation indices.

The employers’ side has indicated that it is willing to resume discussions and, accordingly, the institutions with which we have a trade dispute have been formally notified that we are willing to suspend our current industrial action. We have proposed to the employers that the suspension will take effect on Wednesday 26 September 2012 and that the suspension will be maintained while serious and constructive talks are taking place. Affected HEIs have been given until noon on Monday 24 September to indicate any objection to this arrangement.

If no objection is received then UCU is suspending the co-ordinated action on working to contract that we have been undertaking as part of the dispute from Wednesday 26 September 2012.

Previous advice applies: this should not be seen as a green light for the employer to expect our members to return to excessive working hours or to ignore relevant legislation. Members should continue to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Branches are further encouraged to refer to the advice at so that workloads remain a collective issue.

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