University Ventures and distance learning courses

The university is currently in discussions with University Ventures to run distance learning courses in a variety of subject areas.  A general meeting of the UCU branch on 29th May voted unanimously to oppose the outsourcing of distance learning, as something which would be inappropriate for the UK's second-largest distance learning provider to be considering at any time, and especially at a time when the university is proposing to cut the number of staff it employs. 

This document is a briefing prepared for a similar campaign at Aberdeen, and information about the people behind University Ventures can be found here: - none have any academic background, though one boasts that he has been "exposed to the education sector" while working as an investment analyst. 

The regional office has written to the Registrar asking for more information about the university's partnership with University Ventures, and the local UCU branch will be holding further meetings to discuss ways members can get involved in opposing this.

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