Second Convention for HE on February 27 at UCL, London

LUCU would like to encourage members to attend the Second Convention for HE on February 27 at UCL, London. Details of the Convention are below.

The consultation on the Conservative Government’s Green Paper on Higher Education, Fulfilling our Potential, closed on Friday 15 January. The Green Paper makes a number of radical proposals for the future of HE in England and Wales, including an elaborate new metric-based Teaching Excellence Framework; the replacement of funding councils and quality assurance bodies by a unitary Office for Students; and the fast-tracking of applications by private providers to recruit fee-paying students and brand themselves a University.

The Green Paper represents the further implementation of proposals for the marketization of higher education, whereby higher education is directed toward economic value (for students, employers, and taxpayers) and toward economic impact for increased productivity and economic growth. These goals are to be facilitated by market competition. The Green Paper policies risk a race to the bottom, where the ethos of the university sector – premised on academic freedom and rigorous debate – is simply abandoned in the struggle to recruit high fee-paying students.

    What are we going to do about this threat?
    What is at stake for society?
    How should the UK scientific and academic community respond?
    What is our alternative?

The Second Convention for HE is an opportunity to begin to develop answers to these questions, and to develop links and informal organisation to promote debate, to resist the Green Paper’s narrow vision, and to develop alternatives.


The UCU’s submission to the consultation can be found here.

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