Proposed changes to the academic promotion process

The Leicester UCU Committee urge you to respond to the proposed changes to the academic promotion process.

Dear colleagues,

You will have seen the emails regarding proposed changes to the academic promotion scheme at the University of Leicester.

As for the restructure of the academic year project, a large consultation exercise has been organised. As trade unions representatives, we encourage as many of you as possible to attend the workshops to understand the principles behind the changes, to feedback and to propose alternatives. As on previous occasions, if you prefer to feedback and react via the union (or in addition to the comments you will send to the provost email address), please do so by emailing, as we will be sending a UCU response to the proposal. The deadline to send us your response is 27 January.

The matter of promotion has always been a sensitive one and we welcome the opportunity to have a say and contribute to the new scheme. Having members' views and contributions will assist us in providing a full response to the proposal.

With many thanks
Pascale Lorber and ucu committee

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