Minutes of the LUCU Committee Meeting 5th January 2016

Date of meeting: 5th January 2016

The following committee members, with their roles highlighted, were in attendance: 

Pascale Lorber (Secretary/Chair), Helen Eborall (Committee member), Sarah Seaton (Communications), Andy Wynne (Committee member), Rashida Vora (Equal opps), Chris Talbot (Committee member), Val Burns (Administrator)

We discussed the following points:

  1. The union will be involved in the university discussions about the implementation of a new workload model
  2. The union had attended a meeting with HR and discussed: the National Student Survey, Attendance Monitoring, HEA accreditation and the living wage.
  3. We now have a bit more help with personal case work from an additional committee member

We record our support of the Junior Doctors Strike

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