Letter to VC about trade dispute

A letter sent to the VC on behalf of LUCU.

Dear Paul Boyle  (cc Kate Bradley)

LUCU have been seeking your assurances to withdraw the threat of compulsory redundancies.  The last correspondence was sent by Kate Bradley on your behalf dated 22nd July 2016 and unfortunately did not withdraw the threat. 

We do not believe that compulsory redundancies are necessary and refer you to our own financial full analysis.

As a result LUCU declares a trade dispute now exists between LUCU and University of Leicester.  In order to resolve the trade dispute LUCU would need your written assurance that the threat of compulsory redundancies will be withdrawn by Friday 26th August.

Should no such assurance be received by 26/08/2016 LUCU will consider the dispute resolution at UoL to have been exhausted and LUCU will consider what action to take next, which could include preparations for a ballot of the membership.

LUCU is always keen to try and resolve any trade dispute so if you wish to meet  please contact Christine Vie, LUCU President.


On behalf of LUCU

Christine Vie, LUCU President

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