Letter to the Leicester Mercury from UCU, Unison & Unite

Dear Leicester Mercury,

The Leicester University College Union (UCU), Unison and Unite write to express their opposition to the proposed closure of the Vaughan Centre. The proposed closure will cause 29 staff and 70 associate tutors to potentially be made redundant. Students who had been offered places on courses this year have now been told their courses may not run.

Universities have long held the aim of providing an education for all and being providers of lifelong learning. The Vaughan Centre has provided opportunities to study that many students would not have otherwise had.

We believe that the proposed closure of the Vaughan Centre will cause irreversible damage to the University of Leicester's reputation and we call on the University to suspend this action, and enter into meaningful discussions with staff, students, unions and the wider community in addition to the existing consultation with staff and unions being undertaken in the context of the re-organisation process.

The committees of Leicester UCU, Unison and Unite

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