Learning reps induction

Are you interested in becoming a Learning Rep?

A UCU Learning rep can add real value to the work of a branch by working with members to get on and develop their professional skills and confidence, as well as assist the committee with organising a variety of learning related events to increase recruitment and raise the profile of UCU. These can range from:


·         Organising professional learning or training opportunities with the employer

·         Branch specific briefings on specific issues such as workplace stress or bullying

·         UCU Induction sessions for new staff

·         Developing skills based training e.g. IT sessions on designing webpages, spread sheets, or using the internet


If you are interested, there is an induction course for new learning reps in London  14th-15th May  and  12th June 2012.


All course details and an application form is here:



*If you are interested in attending, please let LUCU committee know**


If you have any queries relating to the course please contact Esmilda Yates eyates@ucu.org.uk in the London office.


UCU Learning reps have a statutory right to paid time off to attend UCU training to enable them to learn and be fully equipped for this important trade union role. If your branch doesn’t have a learning rep you should consider identifying someone to sit on the branch committee. The role should attract an increase in facilities time allotted to the work of your branch.

For more information about union learning reps and their statutory rights see here http://www.ucu.org.uk/index.cfm?articleid=3108

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