Industrial action - update

EGM and other updates


The following message has been sent to all members by the UCU Leicester Branch Committee:


Dear all

Thank you very much to members and departmental reps who have already expressed support for the action, displayed posters, organised meetings in their department, etc. If you are doing any activities in support of the boycott, please let us know.

We have received a few questions about the action. This is a reminder that many of those are answered on the UCU FAQs

However, some queries were not necessarily answered, especially as different universities are using different tactics / responses to the boycott. We have passed some of those queries to the regional and national office and answered the members / reps accordingly. We have listed below some of the most common questions and answers.

A few reminders
- encourage your colleagues to refuse to take on additional work if they are approached to do your marking, etc
- do not mark and park
- use the letter we sent you to explain to students why we are taking industrial action and how they can help us (the letter is available at
- the national negotiators are meeting on Thursday, so national communication should follow shortly after that

Exceptional General Meeting

To support members, answer questions and hear your views, we are organising an EGM on Monday 17th November at 1 pm in KE LT2 (Ken Edwards, Ground Floor, Lecture Theatre 2).

In the meantime, keep your questions and views coming and if you want to help with the action, please contact either Pascale (, Chris Talbot ( or Seb O'Halloran (

We also tried to keep the LUCU webpage up to date, using twitter and Facebook as well.

With best wishes
UCU committee

FAQ from Leicester

When do I declare that I am taking part in the action?
Considering the university communication, we consider that you should declare when you would have done the work (for example when you would have marked your essays or when you would have written the examination questions).

Can I stop and start the action?
For example, can I declare that I did not attend a PhD viva, then declare that I stopped the action; then recommence the boycott when I am due to mark essays in 3 weeks?
We understand that this is a possible course of action, reading the communication from the university and having sought views from the national office.

Only declaring when you boycott has advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side, it can increase disruption as management will only know late in the day when people are participating and would reduce the chances to re-allocate work. It also limits the hard financial impact that the university is imposing. On the negative side, it 'individualises and fracture' support as one member emphasises. It also puts some members at an earlier disadvantage than others. It may also give the impression to management that the action is not well supported. We would be happy to hear your views on this.

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