EGM Motions

The membership voted in favour of the two following motions at the EGM.

1. Motion on proposed redundancies

'Leicester UCU wholeheartedly rejects management's proposed redundancies.

We reject the rationale that has led the University to make these proposals.

We demand that the current detailed budget and projected budget allocations are shared with Leicester University Unions by the 3rd of May 2016.

We note that the University has not provided evidence that all mitigating options will be thoroughly explored.

Leicester UCU therefore calls on the University to immediately withdraw the threat of redundancies.

Leicester UCU will start consultations with members and other unions over what action to take should the threat of redundancies not be removed by the 3rd May 2016.

We will take steps to proceed to an indicative ballot in the event of compulsory redundancies.


2. Motion on Lecture Capture

Leicester UCU notes that the university wishes to carry out the introduction of Lecture Capture throughout the university.

Leicester UCU has conducted a survey on the alleged benefits of compulsory Lecture Capture and the response was overwhelmingly negative.

We recognise that an individual lecturer should be able to use Lecture Capture as a pedagogical aid if they wish to, but we are totally opposed to compulsory or default Lecture Capture.

Leicester UCU has not received concrete evidence of the necessity of Lecture Capture or any substantial clarifications on pedagogical, technical and ethical issues and concerns.

Leicester UCU believes that Lecture Capture should be on an individual and voluntary ‘opt-in’ basis only.

Leicester UCU therefore requests that genuine and thorough consultation is carried out with UCU and that Lecture Capture is not introduced until staff’s concerns have been properly addressed.

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