How much does it cost to join the UCU?

All of the information that you will need to join the UCU and about the costs involved can be found on the UCU website.

Membership fees are based on income. If you are a postgraduate student you can join for free or at a very low cost.

I'm on a fixed term contract, is there any point in joining the union?

Yes, being a member of the union can give you access to the advice and representation that can make a difference in  improving your employment situation. Also as we negotiate pay and conditions collectively the higher the unions membership the stronger our bargaining position is.

Contacting the union

I would like to speak to the union about a problem I am having. Who do I contact?

Any of the union's activists are available to speak to you about any problems that you may be having. Nothing that you say to any union representative will go any further unless you wish it to. Your first point of contact is your departmental representative, although you are welcome to get directly in touch with a member of the committee if you think that it would be more appropriate. Departmental representatives and committee members are listed on the Contacting LUCU page.

Departmental representatives

What if I have a problem and do not have a departmental representative?

Please contact your College/Professional Services representative or a member of the committee and they will put you in touch with someone who can help with your query.

What if I want to become a departmental representative?

If you do not have a departmental representative and are a member of the UCU, you might like to consider volunteering for the position. Departmental representatives take part in occasional meetings and pass on information to members within their department. They are also the first call for members who have any queries. The position is a rewarding way to help your colleagues and take part in the way your union is run.  Contact ucu@le.ac.uk to find out more or to offer yourself for this role.

Other benefits

As a UCU member do I get free legal support?

UCU generally tries to resolve members' problems through negotiation, usually at a local level. However, in situations that require access to legal support your UCU membership can entitle you to free legal support.

Does union membership gain any discounts with any companies such as insurance?

There is a whole range of benefits, from insurance cover to legal issues. More information on the UCU website.

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