Long term aims

The potential of space data is huge. Every time we go to work, turn on the TV, make a mobile phone call, or use the satnav system in our car or smart phone, space technology enables our modern life. Space also connects our armed forces and humanitarian agencies around the world, and delivers essential intelligence.

Billions have been invested in space data in Europe and elsewhere. But the commercial exploitation in terms of products, services and intellectual property is still catching up and offers a huge area for growth in the global economy. There is an opportunity for the UK to forge a lead in this market before others do so.

Space Park Leicester will offer a path to unlock the potential growth in the space data market. By 2030, it is expected that the Park will be able to tick off the following:

  • Helped the Government to capture £40 billion of revenues from the space data global market.
  • Contributed to an increase in the sector from the current level of 35,000 UK jobs to 100,000 UK jobs.
  • Built a talented and high-value 'space workforce' in Leicester, addressing a skills gap in the market and inspiring young people to train in STEM subjects.
  • Brought together space and non-space sectors to capitalise on space-enabled data and services, including; finance, IT, energy, defence, business analytics, environment management, transport and healthcare.
  • Developed and exploited the UK's lead internationally and become known as the birthplace and exporter of world-leading space-enabled applications.

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