Returns and refund management

Pen ticking boxes

Requests for returns and refunds will be managed by the shop@le team. Please email if you receive a request for a refund or return. When a request is received it will be reviewed as follows:

  • If the item is a product of low value we may not request the product to be returned, just refund or replace the product
  • If the item is a product of medium value we will review the shipping costs to assess if it’s viable to request the return of the product. We will then refund or replace the product. If the item is a product of high value we will request the product is returned.
  • If the item is a service provided by you we will pass the request on to the provider for a refund approval and to respond to the customer

If the refund cannot be made via shop@le for various reasons (card expired, account closed etc) the RACS Finance team will contact the cost centre owner and request a CP1 Cheque Request is completed for the refund.

All refunds for payments made via the shop must follow this process.

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