Prerequisites for listing a product/service

Before beginning the process of listing a product/service on shop@le, you need to ensure the following is in place.

  • A clear understanding of the product/service
    • How do you currently operate the sales of the product/service?
    • Are photos, title, summary descriptions and a full item description available?
    • How are the physical products procured?
    • Who needs to receive details of the sales?
    • Is there a limited supply of the item? Should we place limits on the number of items that can be sold on shop@le?
    • Timeframe for sales; is there a date/time when the product should be presented for sale and when it should be removed from sale?
    • Is there a limit to the number that can be sold in any one purchase?
    • Do you want to link this product to a page external to shop@le? If so what is the link and is the page live?
    • Is the sale of this item limited to a specific group? If so how can we identify this group?
    • Do you require any further information from the purchaser in the form of a questionnaire? If so what questions do you wish to ask?
  • Authorisation
    • Have you received authorisation from the relevant party to list the product?
  • Communication & People
    • Have you got a general use email address that multiple people can access to receive shop@le communications to?  This is a requirement to ensure that when emails are passed from shop@le for action the service level is unaffected by annual leave, sickness etc.  If you need to setup a general email account contact  This should not be an  email alias that only a single member of staff can access.
    • Have you nominated shop@le champions in your area and a shop@le leader?
      • shop@le champions: these are the people who will receive the sales email and respond to queries – there needs to be more than one person capable of this.
      • shop@le leader: this is normally one person within the area responsible for listing new items, complaint handling and authorising refunds.
  • Finance
    • Have you got valid cost centre and GL codes for the product/service to be coded to?
    • Is the item normally VATable? We verify the VAT status of all items classed as VAT exempt.
    • What is the normal gross (including VAT) price of the item?

Once you have these items in place, you can fill in a product/service request form.

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