Listing a service/product

In order to list a product on shop@le you will need to complete the following procedure:

  • A University BearRegister an interest in using the shop@le service using the Register an interest in using shop@le.
  • Then you need to complete the List a new product on shop@le form
  • The shop@le administrator or Commercial Owner will review the submission. We may decide that:
    • We need further information or discussion around the item, in which case we will setup a meeting with you or:
    • We may need to seek guidance from the governing group. We will inform you of this and the reasons for this or:
    • We can proceed to setup your product, if:
      • The prerequisites have been met.
        • The item is covered by the shop@le terms and conditions of sale.
        • The item doesn’t conflict with any other product or service already listed.
        • The item doesn’t contravene any University statute or guidance.
        • Any VAT requirements have been adhered to.
    • Once approved the item is built by the shop@le administrator and you will be sent a link to check you are happy with how the product appears.
    • Once you're happy with the product's appearance, we will be able to  open your product or service up to be purchased or booked.

Please ensure you allow up to 2 weeks for this process to complete.

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