An Introduction to shop@le

Operated by Estates and Campus Services, shop@le provides the University with a simple and convenient way to sell products and services online.

shop@le with Perspectiveshop@le is developed and hosted by WPM Education who have a wealth of experience in the Higher Education market place.

shop@le can be used to sell any product or service you currently offer to your customers 24 hours a day online. The benefits of shop@le to you are:

    • Reduced Cash handling
      shop@le can reduce your cash handling drastically, taking the payment online using secure payment services, with the monies deposited into your accounts overnight.
    • Improved Customer Satisfaction
      Allowing customers to order and pay for products/services online from anywhere around the world 24/7.
    • PCI DSS Compliant
      shop@le offers a PCI compliant solution to the University, reducing the requirement to take telephone payments, process payments across multiple locations and require secure technologies on site to ensure compliance.
    • Improved Efficiency
      With shop@le your sales are emailed directly to you and the money will show in your SAP account overnight.

shop@le is supported by a small in-house team who will operate the commercial elements of shop@le, provide support and are responsible for listing the products/services on the shop. 

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