Current User List

This list shows the current departments and users utilising the benefits of the shop@le service.

Please use this list to contact colleagues across the University for feedback on their experience and benefits that the service has given them.


User Department Email

Lisa Smith


Jonathan Parry

Colin Hide

Trevor Miller

Colin Marshall

Adam Thuraisingam

Elaine James

Helen Greenwood

Sarah Newstead

Zara Hooley

Alex Mack

Shazia Jagot

Kees Straatman

Dr Paula Warrington

Jo Robotham and

Aimee Harrisonwild

Susan Beagley

Ian Hickman

Louise Taylor

Micki Wagner-Tsukamoto

Sophie Chattaway

Ruth Page

Professor James Hinton

Linda Willis

Julie Faulkes

Frances Hollingbury

Anna Booth

Debra Bugler


Sports and Recreation



School of Historical Studies

Department of Health Sciences

Student and Academic Services

Archaeology and Ancient History


Interdisciplinary Science

School of English

Department of Biochemistry

School of English

Careers Service


Corporate Affairs and Planning

Print Services

Institute of Lifelong Learning

English Lanuage Teaching Unit

Admissions Office

School of English

Dept. Physics and Astronomy

Translational Clinical Research

Dept. Health Sciences

Forensic Pathology

Archaelogy and Ancient History

Department of Health Sciences



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