Professional Services Forum

Every two years, Professional Services staff are invited to attend a forum held by the Registrar and Chief Operating Officer, Dave Hall.

For 2015 the theme of the forum was 'Our Values'. Staff from teams and service areas across Professional Services shared stories from the workplace which demonstrated how they are living the VITAL values.


You can watch presentations from previous years here:
Professional Services Forum 2013 - What's the point of the University?
Professional Services Forum 2011 - Putting Students at the heart of the system

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Our mission is to help shape the future of the University, using our expertise to provide excellent services which enable the creation of world-changing research and high quality teaching, in an inclusive academic culture.

Why Professional Services?

"The biggest barrier to an effective service is a disjointed service.  We cannot allow the organisational boundaries between offices within the Corporate Services and between the Colleges, Schools and Departments, to prevent us from working together to ensure that we offer continually improving services focused on the needs of the student, the lecturer and the researcher."

Dave Hall, Registrar and Chief Operating Officer