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Why change our logo now?

The launch of the University’s new strategic conversation and plan was the catalyst for a review of our logo. Given the increasing competitive market that the Higher Education sector operates in, it is essential we effectively position ourselves to attract the best and brightest pupils, and academic and professional staff.

We need to be able to tell our story and demonstrate to our markets, our audiences and our stakeholders what we have to offer and how what we do matters. The updates respect the legacy of our official coat of arms while simplifying and emboldening its presence as part of the university’s logo structure and ensure that the logo is fit for a modern digital age.

So what did the reputation and perceptions research tells us?

The University of Leicester has a great story to tell with a really good balance of world-class research and teaching, and providing a good student experience.

We need to demonstrate greater self-confidence. We have credibility and tradition and are not stuck in the past. We are more dynamic, revolutionary and path-finding than is widely known. There’s an opportunity to build pride in the University and in the city.

Telling our story better will capitalise on the unique spirit of Leicester that makes its students, faculty and the wider community such great advocates.

How were people consulted?

We used focus groups, interviews, surveys and consultation and took the time to speak with prospective students, current students (including undergraduates, postgraduates, home and international students), staff and alumni.

At the start of this process, in advance of any design work taking place, we wanted to really understand people's perceptions about the University and use this information to help shape the process.

Who has been consulted as part of this review?

  • We conducted 10 focus groups and in-depth interviews with prospective and current students, staff and also a number of key stakeholders including the local council.
  • We had face-to-face discussions with nearly 300 stakeholders including prospective students, current students (including International students) and senior staff.
  • We sent an online survey to over 60,000 respondents. These included prospective students, current students, staff and Alumni. We received 5471 responses.

Who signed off the design?

The final design was then signed off by the University's Logo Steering Committee, which includes the President of the Students' Union, as well as the President and Vice-Chancellor, Provost, Registrar and Chief Operating Officer, Director of External Relations.

Will the University crest be retained?

Yes, the crest will be retained and will continue to be used for use at graduation.

What is the cost of the rebrand?

The budget was tightly managed from a cost point of view and was approx. £50,000 which compares favourable with other universities who have gone through a similar exercise. The cost of on-going implementation will be minimised with the majority of materials being replaced through natural cycle.

We’ll seek to refresh materials with the new logo and visuals at the point when they are due to be refreshed. Online channels can be updated with relatively little cost.

Who is paying for the brand implementation?

The team is working hard to make this implementation as cost-effective as possible. It will be happening over an 18-month period. We will work with colleagues and undertake a full audit to identify which materials will be affected.

Colleagues are encouraged to run down their current stocks of branded materials (letterheads, compliment slips, business cards, brochures, course information guides) before replacing them as they reach their natural end.

When is the launch?

Rather than a launch it’s actually a phased implementation programme. This will be implemented over 18 months starting in September 2015. Changes to the website (the logo), the homepage and social media will be made on Tuesday 22 September. Implementation will take place primarily through the normal replacement cycle of materials.

Which areas of the University will this rebrand affect?

We will work with colleagues to assess the timings of change, as part of the overall implementation plan. Some things will be done at once across the University, for example we can change the logo on our website centrally and we can make change to print materials.

How can I access the visual identity guidelines?

These are available here. If you have any questions or require some support, please email

When do we expect the roll-out will be completed by?

It’s an 18-month implementation programme starting in September 2015 and will be reviewed throughout the year.

Will the corporate colours change?

Leicester has never really had a corporate colour however there has been a predominant use of blue. As part of the development of the new logo we have reviewed our primary and secondary colours. More work will be undertaken on this after the 22 September. For more information please see our visual guidelines.

How much of the logo redevelopment work took into account the international community?

Throughout the research and concept testing phases international students and staff from the International Office were consulted, and they made major contributions to how the logo was developed.

How soon will we be able to access the new logo (letterheads etc.)?

These will be available from the 22 September, although we expect an 18-month implementation programme starting in September 2015, so the two logos will run in parallel.

Will the logo revision affect the Students' Union?

No, the Students’ Union is a separate brand which has its own identity.

When will signs around campus reflect the new logo?

The transition will take place over the next 18 months or so, as budgets and work priorities allow.

Can I create a version of the logo for my department?

No new logos or variations of the new logo are permitted. The University does not permit sub-brands and this will not change with the implantation of the new logo.

We have our logo on a lot of things, as well as all of our brochures that we’ve already ordered in bulk and use on a regular basis. What do we do?

There will be a grace period of approximately 18 months to phase out existing supplies in order to minimise the cost and environmental impact associated with applying the revised visual identity across the university.

There will be a cost to replacing things like shirts, tablecloths, etc. Will there be any funding assistance from the University to replace these items?

Unfortunately there is currently no incremental funding available to offset the costs of replacing items with the refreshed logo. This is why there will be a grace period of approximately 18 months to phase out existing supplies in order to minimise the cost and environmental impact associated with applying the revised visual identity across the university.

I have a lot of forms and documents with the logo currently on it.  What do I do?

Update your documents over time as you are able and if you need guidance please contact

Do I have to change to the new logo? I don’t like it.

Yes. The revised logo replaces the old logo. As our evolution progresses, those graphics should be considered obsolete and no longer be used. Regardless of personal opinion – and there will always be differing sentiments regarding logos – the new logo has been approved for use across the institution.

Can I change the colour of the logo?

Logo versions must only be presented as per our visual guidelines.

Why was this logo chosen?

Our design agency SERIOUS Ideas helped us to consult with staff, students, potential students and business stakeholders. This was the overwhelming choice.

Will there be any budget implications for my School or Department?

Most colleges, departments and service areas will make the change as part of the normal replenishment process so any additional costs should be minimal.

Can I still use my stationery (eg, old business cards, letterheads) and literature with the old logo?

Ideally we would like to move to the new logo as quickly as possible, but it is fine to use up existing supplies. Please therefore, exhaust your current supply of business cards and letterhead before ordering any new materials. This helps the university in its efforts to 'go green' and is cost-effective.

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