Design and consulation 2015

From the outset we wanted to investigate and test an evolution of the logo as opposed to creating a completely a new logo. We wanted to show evidence of a detailed consultation process and be transparent about the steps we have undertaken. 

Stage 1a: Research and brief development

In order to prepare a creative brief, a number of pieces of information were supplied by the Division of External Relations, including:

●      Full project brief

●      Perception research results

●      Strategic Conversation documentation

●      Additional information about current messaging/brand guidelines/fonts used

●      Additional information/comments from the President and Vice-Chancellor

This was condensed into a creative brief, which was approved by the Logo Steering Group:

  • President and Vice-Chancellor
  • Provost
  • Registrar and Chief Operating Officer
  • Director of External Relations
  • President of the Students' Union
  • Head of Marketing Communications

Stage 1b: Plan the consultation process

The consultation was planned around key dates such as open days and graduation.

We consulted the following key groups:

  • Current students
  • Prospective students
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Staff
  • Senior managers
  • Alumni
  • Students' Union 

Stage 2a: Concept creation and sharing

An initial set of ideas were prepared by SERIOUS and these were shared with the Steering Group and a number of stakeholders for discussion and input. As a result of this feedback three designs were approved to go forward into stage 2b.

Stage 2b: Concept development for consultation

This involved focus groups, an email survey and face-to-face interviews and we consulted with various key groups during the consultation process. We:

  • Conducted 10 focus groups and in-depth interviews with prospective and current students, staff and also a number of key stakeholders including the local council.
  • Had face-to-face discussions with nearly 300 stakeholders including prospective students, current students (including International students) and senior staff.
  • Sent an online survey to over 60,000 respondents. These included prospective students, current students, staff and Alumni. We received 5471 responses.

The  following elements were covered with some or all of the consultation groups:

  • Logo design
  • Font
  • Colour 

Stage 3: Consultation report

The findings were collated from the consultation process and converted in to a development brief for SERIOUS design team to come up with a final logo design for approval by the Steering Group.

Stage 4: Design Development

The final design was then refined and presented back to the Logo Steering Group for sign-off.

Stage 5: Delivery

A toolkit document will be provided including:

  • Logo variations
  • Font usage, size and weighting
  • Offline and online variations
  • Colour palette including pantone references/CMYK options
  • Brand guidelines which will include when a sub brand can be used

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