Tiger teams

As well as the two-year network programmes, the IAS supports ‘tiger teams' made up of interdisciplinary groups of researchers working on short-term, exciting, innovative projects.

Our currently-funded tiger teams are:

  • Anthrocene Research (Prof Jan Zalasiewicz, Dr Marta Gasparin, Prof Mark Williams)
  • Scientific Methods in Post-Conflict Cultural Heritage Management (Prof Ruth Young)
  • How do human biases translate into code? (Prof Daniel Ladley) (co-funded with the University of Leicester Impact Accelerator Account)
  • Relationship and sex education (Prof Peter Cumper) (co-funded with the University of Leicester ESRC Impact Accelerator Account)
  • Avoidable Deaths (Dr Nibedita Ray-Bennett) (co-funded with the University of Leicester's International Research Development Fund).

Previously-funded Tiger Teams focused on:

  • Prisons
  • Cancer detection in diabetics (lead: Prof Karen Brown)
  • Earth system plastics (lead: Prof Sarah Gabbott)
  • Harnessing digital technology in maternity care (lead: Dr Nicola Mackintosh)
  • Gender diversity and equality in higher education (co-leads: Dr Kate Williams and Prof Henrietta O'Connor)
  • Female pelvic floor health globally (lead: Prof Doug Tincello)
  • Mental health and social media (lead: Dr Michelle O'Reilly)
  • Urgent care for frail older people (lead: Prof Simon Conroy)
  • Migration, health and education (co-leads: Dr Helen Eborall and Dr Manish Pareek)
  • A Scientific Approach to Dress, Material Culture and Identity (co-leads: Dr Svenja Bethke and Dr Jan Vandeburie)
  • Lion Cubs (lead: Prof Panos Vostanis)
  • Leicester Ethnicity, Ageing and Dementia (co-leads: Prof John Maltby and Prof Elizaveta Mukaetova-Ladinska)
  • Menopause Arts (lead: Dr Marie Nugent)
  • VR Heritage (lead: Prof Andrew Hugill)

To get in touch with any of the tiger teams, please email lias@le.ac.uk

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