LIAS Fellows

Collaborate with high-calibre academics on an interdisciplinary project; be part of the LIAS Fellowships scheme with galvanising research opportunities and tackle the obstacles of silo academia.

LIAS Fellows

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The LIAS Fellowship Scheme

The LIAS Visiting Fellowship scheme attracts leading researchers to Leicester, to carry out a 1-3 month programme of interdisciplinary research engagement. The LIAS Fellowships scheme offers Host groups or individuals a unique opportunity to collaborate with exceptional academics from around the globe. The University of Leicester welcomes interdisciplinary partnerships to produce unequivocally outstanding outcomes and outputs that overcome mitigated research successes in silo academia. LIAS Fellows transform the research landscape by offering specific insights to diverse research topics which are inextricably linked to a future community of diverse knowledge exchange. Principle Hosts benefit from collaborating with outstanding expertise and have the privilege of collaborating with their chosen academic.

Professor Paula Morgan: "The LIAS fellowship with its opportunities for interdisciplinary dialogue crystallised my research interest, reflecting and refracting the topic through multiple and diverse lens. This fellowship has surely enriched both the research process and its outcome."

Read the biographies for the Visiting Fellows here.

The scheme covers:

-          1-3 months protected research time

-          Up to £2,00 travel expenses

-           Up to £1,500 research expenses for the duration of the Fellowship

-          Full Accommodation costs and University access

-          Supported planning and carrying out collaborative scholarly activity with the internal and external community

If you are interested in finding out more, please see the guidance and application process here.

Unique outcomes conducted by LIAS Fellows

  • International Women's Day 2018 hosted speakers from Kenyatta University and Kenyan NGOs: ‘Alternative Rites of Passage: An interdisciplinary research response to FGM’. Read the subsequent published paper
  • Applications for research grants such as the GCRF Network; BA Knowledge Frontiers
  • Book publications

Dialogues@LIAS video: Hosting a Fellow

The Dialogues@LIAS video series features experts discussing how interdisciplinary research can push the boundaries of knowledge and address complex challenges facing society. In this video, Professor Teela Sanders (University of Leicester) discusses the role of being a principle host, the advantages of interdisciplinary research partnerships and the opportunities that the LIAS visiting fellowship scheme brings to both researchers.

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