Maths Meets Arts Tiger Team

MmATT - Maths Meets Arts Tiger Team


The MmATT is an interdisciplinary and international group of mathematicians, artists, creative theorists, anthropologists, and teaching and public engagement experts who venture out together to explore the links between maths, arts and creativity.

The team is lead by Dr K Leschke and financially supported by the Leicester Institute for Advanced Studies at the University of Leicester and the ISSF, funded by the Wellcome Trust.

Previous Engagement Events

Maths Meets Arts festival

This four-day festival of talks, activities and workshops sharing recent and ongoing collaborations between artists and mathematicians both locally and across the globe.


Student Conference

A unique initiative whereby mathematics and artist worked together to explore whether creativity and arts can help in learning and teaching.

Maths Meets Arts sandpit

This event provided an opportunity for mathematicians and artists to meet and explore new collaborations.

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Team Members

Team members: K Leschke, A Paganini, C Aligianni, L Allatson, J Hibberd, M Domingos, B Di Donato, A Hugill, H Yang, M Simmons, G Vavoula, K Eli, N Gretton, M Mobbs, M Butter, J Webster, M Biggs, U Hertrich-Jeromin, W Rossman

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