The Alliance

In March 2017 the Universities of Leicester and Nairobi jointly hosted a 2-day workshop in Nairobi, looking at ways to enhance the contribution of science, technology and innovation to the delivery of the United Nation’s 2030 Global Goals.

Discussions at the workshop focused around four keys areas:Nairobi workshop participants

  • The challenges of setting agendas in a dynamic global context
  • Building long-term, sustained and equitable partnerships linking research, innovation and development
  • Maximising impact and wider outcomes for all
  • Systems working together to link research and development progress.

One of the main outcomes from the event was that five of the universities in attendance signed a letter of intent to work more closely together – by way of forming a formal strategic partnership through the Alliance. The Alliance currently links the universities of Nairobi, Rwanda, Malawi, Witwatersrand and Leicester. Work is currently ongoing to further develop the Alliance and link this growing research partnership with potential collaboration for educational activities.


Nairobi Workshop Provocation Paper: this paper was prepared ahead of the above mentioned Nairobi meeting of March 2017 and was intended to stimulate and support discussions at the 2-day workshop. Access the Provocation Paper here.

Nairobi Workshop Outcome Report: this report highlights the key messages from the discussions at the 2-day workshop and presents some suggested best-practice and proposed next steps covering the four topics covered at the event. Access the Outcome Report here.

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