LIAiSon Workshop Series

LIAiSon: Call for workshops


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The LIAiSon series supports workshops and focused meetings, intended to bring together expertise across the University of Leicester to address important, timely research ideas and challenges. Topics can be thematic, methodological, or practice-focused, but must invite interdisciplinary thinking or ways of working.

Workshops will normally be:

-          Held on campus and run for no more than one day

-          Attract a breadth of attendees from across all three Colleges

-          Provide an opportunity to include a small number of key external stakeholders

LIAiSon workshops and focused meetings will be supported by the LIAS office, and an Institute team member will be available to support facilitation. We encourage applicants to use video conferencing where appropriate.

Application process

Please send a proposal no longer than one page of A4 (normal margins, font size 11) to Please note that the list of attendees does not count in the page limit.

Please provide the following information:

  1. Title of workshop
  2. Lead organiser
  3. Ideal timing for holding the workshop (if possible)
  4. A short rationale for how the workshop will advance interdisciplinary thinking and working at the University
  5. A short statement about the intended outcomes of the workshop
  6. A list of attendee

                 i)  internal attendees (name and Department/School)

                 ii) external attendees (name and organisation) – please provide a short statement on why this attendee

                    would add value to the workshop, and a summary of the costs that will be incurred

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