Spring Term 2014

Tuesday 14 January

Professor Bob Carter

School of Management

Workplace Relations: Class and Trade Unionism


Tuesday 21 January

Professor Yuval Millo

School of Management

Why we may need a new financial economic theory
Tuesday 28 January

Professor Sarah Davies

Department of Geology

Shining a light into the dark corners of the sedimentary record


Tuesday 4 February

Professor Gavin Murphy

Department of Cardiovascular Sciences

Paradox as the driver for Translational Research
Tuesday 11 February

Professor Liz Anderson

Department of Medical and Social Care Education

Collective Wisdom’: Are we making the most of interprofessional education
Tuesday 25 February

Professor Ruslan Davidchack

Department of Mathematics

Worlds in a Computer: Models of Reality and Reality of Models
Tuesday 4 March

Professor Paul Lambert

Department of Health Sciences

Measuring Cancer Patient Survival: Methodology Matters
Tuesday 11 March

Professor David Harper

Department of Biology

A Fascination with Flamingos
Tuesday 18 March

Professor Dai Davies

Department of Chemistry

Chemical Reactions Made Easy

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Time and place

Please check the start time of any lecture you want to attend: some start at 5.30pm, others start at 6.00pm.

Please also check the location: some are in the Ken Edwards Building, others are in the Centre for Medicine.

Campus maps


If you have any queries about any of these events, please contact inaugural@le.ac.uk