Paul Baines

  • Tuesday 27 November 2018
  • 5.30pm-6.30pm
  • Ken Edwards Building, Lecture Theatre 1
  • Professor Baines and Professor Roger Dickinson will each present a half-hour lecture.

Hypnotising or off-putting? What role for fear and guilt as persuasive devices in marketing communications?

In this lively 30-minute presentation, based partly on research funded by the British Academy and UK government departments, Professor Baines will outline how fear and guilt is used in marketing communications to persuade audiences and how (in)effective the incorporation of negative emotional appeals such as fear and guilt actually are. Consideration will be given to how fear and guilt are used to recruit supporters by terrorist groups, to counter fear and support suspicious activity reporting by the police, and to instil fear and guilt to demarket certain behaviours in government campaigns (e.g. the DfT’s Think! campaign and the Met Police’s Operation Trident campaign to reduce gun crime), as well as their use in commercial campaigns. In addition, the use of fear as a complement to negative campaigning by campaign groups in the recent UK-EU referendum campaign will also be considered and how the public reports how they respond to their use. Professor Baines will conclude by considering the managerial and ethical implications of using fear and guilt to persuade.

Professor Paul Baines

Paul Baines Photo.jpgPaul Baines is Professor of Political Marketing and Associate Dean (External Relations) at the University of Leicester. He is a Visiting Professor at Cranfield University and an Associate Fellow at King’s College London. He is author/co-author of more than a hundred published articles, book chapters and books on political marketing issues. Over the last 20 years, Paul’s research has focused on political marketing, public opinion and propaganda. He is a Fellow of the Market Research Society and the Institute of Directors (IOD). He holds bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees from the University of Manchester, a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education from Middlesex University and an MSc in Quantitative Methods for Science, Social Science and Medicine from Lancaster University. Paul’s teaching has encompassed undergraduate, postgraduate and post-experience levels, including MBA and executive MBA teaching, in the US, UK, Canada, Sweden, Finland, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, and Cyprus across a number of aspects of marketing, political marketing and PR.
Paul is (co-)editor/(co-)author of numerous marketing texts, including, with Chris Fill and Sara Rosengren, the best-seller, ‘Marketing’ 4e (Oxford University Press, 2017) and ‘Fundamentals of Marketing (Oxford University Press, 2017) with Chris Fill, Sara Rosengren and Paolo Antonetti, ‘Political Marketing’ (Sage Publications, 2011), ‘Propaganda’ (Sage Publications, 2013) and with Sir Robert Worcester, Roger Mortimore and Mark Gill, the polling treatise ‘Explaining Cameron’s Catastrophe’ (Indie Publishing, 2017). Paul’s research/strategy consultancy includes experience working with numerous government departments on strategic communication research projects as well as small, medium and large private enterprises including IBM, 3M, Saint Gobain Glassolutions, Fulham Football Club and many others. He is a non-executive director of the Business Continuity Institute, and operates his own strategic marketing and market research consultancy, Baines Associates Limited. 

Previous work for UK and US government clients has looked at, inter alia, fear and guilt appeals and their persuasive application in communications by terrorist groups and how we might counter those communications. Ongoing research work includes grant funding for a project to evaluate the effectiveness of police social marketing/counter-terrorism communications and a project to explore the effectiveness of guilt-elicitation in marketing communications.

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