Autumn Term 2017

  • 18 October 2017: Professor Teela Sanders, Department of Criminology 'Social Justice for Sex Workers: Stigma, Violence and Bad Laws' and Professor Neil Chakraborti, Department of Criminology 'Beyond Empty Promises and Flawed Responses? Tackling the Harms of Hate'
  • Tuesday 21 November 2017: Professor Zoe Radnor, School of Business 'We don’t make cars, do we?: Understanding how manufacturing techniques are (not) relevant to public services'
  • Tuesday 28 November 2017: Professor Sarah Gabbott, Department of Geology 'The weird and the wonderful: interpreting the evolution of life through fossils'
  • Monday 4 December 2017: Professor Shaun Cowley, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, 'Gene regulation: 25 years spent trying to understand the on/off switch'.
  • Tuesday 12 December 2017: Professor Sarah Knight, School of English, ‘"Be frequent in exercising your stile, & invention": Learning and Performance at the Early Modern Universities'

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