This is the main focus of the laboratory-based research on the Glenfield site within the Adult Respiratory group, in collaboration with the Paediatric Airways group, the Cell Physiologists/Biologists based on the main site and Genetics.

We are fully committed to a translational approach to our research and are keen to take our insights on pathogenesis of airway disease through to clinical trials of new drugs.

We work closely with members of the microbial pathogenesis group. If the infection element is relevant to the host then it comes within the remit of respiratory sciences whereas if it concerns primarily the pathogen then it is part of microbial pathogenesis.

Leicester has a large number of tuberculosis patients and so both the diagnosis, management and pathogenesis of TB are important priorities for the theme

There is a strong multi-disciplinary clinical team involved in the diagnosis and management of lung cancer within University Hospitals of Leicester. This has been complemented by interesting data from Peter Bradding showing that localisation of mast cells and macrophages within the tumour and stroma relates to prognosis


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