14 July 2016, afternoon ceremony

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The ceremony held on the afternoon of Thursday 14 July 2016 conferred degrees on students in the College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology.

27 different qualifications were conferred on 578 graduates.

Departments represented

For a full list of graduates, see pages 43-46 of the Degree Congregations Brochure.

For a list of special prizes and their recipients, see pages 58-62 of the Degree Congregations Brochure.

A brief look at a memorable day

Watch the full ceremony

Honorary Graduate

Dr John Sandford-Smith MBE

An Honorary Doctorate of Science was conferred on ophthalmologist Dr John Sandford-Smith.

"I am obviously delighted to be honoured in this way and very pleased to see that the University and hospital eye department has had significant influence in eye care especially in the developing countries of the world.”


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