12 July 2016, afternoon ceremony

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The ceremony held on the afternoon of Tuesday 12 July 2016 conferred degrees on students in the College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities and the College of Science and Engineering.

42 different qualifications were conferred on 526 graduates.

Departments represented

For a full list of graduates, see pages 23-26 of the Degree Congregations Brochure.

For a list of special prizes and their recipients, see pages 58-62 of the Degree Congregations Brochure.

A brief look at a memorable day

Watch the full ceremony

Honorary Graduates

Ed McLachlan

An Honorary Doctorate of Letters was conferred on cartoonist Ed McLachlan.

"Very pleased about the award. Our old art teacher would have bet 5,000-1 that I would never have got this far.”


Nicholas Parsons CBE

An Honorary Doctorate of Letters was conferred on radio/TV personality Nicholas Parsons.

“I am very flattered to be honoured.  I know Leicester from working there in the theatre on many occasions.  Recently I performed at the Comedy Festival in February this year.”


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