Photography and film

Where can I have my official photograph taken?

Tempest Photography is our approved photography service; their representatives will be located in the Percy Gee Building throughout the graduation week. You can find out more information about their service on their poster.

There are no official photographs taken at De Montfort Hall. Your family and guests are allowed to take photos.

Do I have to pre-book?

Pre-booking is not required but you can check their products and prices via their website. Please allow plenty of time to have your photographs taken. If your ceremony is in the afternoon, have your photographs taken before your ceremony. This is because you will have to hand in your gown immediately afterwards.

Will the ceremony be filmed?

Ceremonies will be live-streamed, including in the Students' Union. You can also see some of our previous ceremonies.

How will University films and photos taken on the day be used?

Please be aware that photographers and filmmakers have been commissioned by the University to take images at this event for use in University publicity material.

The photographs and film may be used in any of the media used by the University for marketing, fundraising and promotion, including newsletters, leaflets, posters, e-media and our website.

Photographs and film taken at this event may be kept on file indefinitely for future use. The University will only use the photographs for similar purposes for which they were originally taken.

Can I take my own photos?

Guests are permitted to take photos/videos during the ceremony as long as they do not stand or walk about or in any other way impede the enjoyment of other guests. We accept that graduands will also want to take photos of their friends as they graduate, but again, the ceremony flow must not be impeded or delayed by this. The taking of ‘selfies’ on stage is therefore not permitted, and you must also not create photo opportunities on stage by hugging or in any other way intruding on the personal space of any of the officiating officers. We feel sure that you will recognise how disconcerting and even threatening such actions can seem; a simple handshake is the required and appropriate gesture of acceptance of the award.

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Use our graduation checklist to make sure that you have done everything you need to do before the ceremony, and know what to do on the day.

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