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I and/or my guests need to apply for a visa to attend the ceremony - how do I get proof from the University?

If you or your guests require a visa to travel to the UK please contact and request a graduation invitation letter.  If the letter if for your guests you will need to provide the full names of all your guests, as it appears in their passport.

Please note that by issuing this letter, the University does not guarantee all guests will receive a guest ticket for your ceremony.  We only guarantee two tickets per graduand.

If you or your guests are using this letter to help apply for a Visitor Visa, please find more information here:

Information on Visa processing times can also be found here:

We advise that you and your guests carry the graduation invitation letter and any other supporting evidence in your hand luggage when travelling to the UK.

What is the awarding deadline for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught students to be eligible to graduate?

The deadline for processing awards in order to be eligible to graduate in July 2020 is TBC.

What is the awarding deadline for Postgraduate Research students to be eligible to graduate?

The deadline for processing awards in order for Research students to be eligible to graduate in July 2020 is TBC.  The Doctoral College Office must have received all of the following by this date:

  • All pre-viva reports
  • Chair’s report (if applicable)
  • Completed and signed Joint Report (post viva report)
  • Confirmation from examiners that any required amendments have been completed
  • Confirmation from the Library that they have received the final hard bound copy of the thesis, ethesis (electronic version of their thesis) and final submission form.

Please note students cannot be awarded their degree until all of the above are received. Unfortunately, this is not a flexible deadline.

If you have any queries please email or call +44 (0)116 229 7666.

If I attend my graduation ceremony, how will my name be announced as I cross the stage?

If you are attending graduation, your name (first name and surname) will be read out as you cross the stage. Middles names will not be read out, but they will be included on your award certificate.

The Presenter will be a representative of your College and so will be reading many unfamiliar names and will do their best to pronounce your name correctly. In order to help them with this, if you think there’s any possibility of your name being mispronounced, please confirm how best to pronounce your name phonetically during the online graduation registration process through MyStudentRecord. For example, it may help the presenter if you separate out the syllables, like in the examples below. Please include only your first name and surname, no middle names.

 If your name is David Baranowski, you might suggest we pronounce it: David Ba-ra-nof-ski

If your name is Jane Liley, you might suggest we pronounce it: Jane Ligh-lee (rhymes with highly)

How do I request that my name and award details don’t appear in the degree brochure for the upcoming ceremony?

You have the option to ask for your name and award to be omitted from the degree brochure when you complete your graduation registration.  If you select this option your name and award details will not appear in the degree brochure produced for the ceremony, however your name and award (not including grade) will still be announced during the ceremony if you chose to attend your graduation.

The degree brochure cannot be amended once it has been produced.

Why haven't I got the number of guest tickets I asked for?

We can only guarantee two guest tickets per graduand. Additional tickets are allocated on the basis of demand for each ceremony, which means it's not always possible to meet all requests for more than two tickets.

If you have guests who would like to share your special day with you but who do not have tickets for the ceremony, they are very welcome to visit campus on the day and celebrate your graduation with you before and after the ceremony.

A video of the complete ceremony will be posted on this website and on our YouTube Channel shortly afterwards.

If any guest tickets are returned or unused, we will make these available on a first come, first served basis on the day of your ceremony from the Student Services Centre in the Charles Wilson Building. This cannot be guaranteed and demand is likely to be high.

I and/or my guests have additional requirements - how will this be accommodated?

Students can let us know about any additional requirements they or their guests may have when completing their online graduation registration.  Or you can email us at and we can provide you with more information.

Can I attend graduation if I'm appealing my final award?

Students that are appealing their award are still invited and encouraged to attend graduation to celebrate their achievement and graduate with their classmates. 

Please be aware that degree classifications are not announced at the ceremony or included in the degree brochure.  However the award level (e.g. Master of Arts) would be announced at the ceremony and included in the degree brochure.

If you are appealing your award please note that you will not receive your graduation documents until your appeal has been concluded.

If you do not wish not to attend your ceremony then you will graduate in absentia.

We work hard to ensure consideration of your appeal is conducted as quickly as possible and you should expect to be notified of the outcome of your appeal shortly. Students will be updated individually as to the progress of their appeal.

The Quality Office can give you advice about most processes associated with the appeals and complaints procedures.  They can be contacted at or on +44 (0)116 252 2605.

You can contact the Advice Service (formerly the Education Unit) in the Students’ Union ( if you would like help with writing an appeal or complaint and/or support throughout a formal appeals or complaints process. For more information, visit the Advice Service website (external website).

How long does my ceremony last?

Ceremonies typically last 1½ to 2 hours.

Can I bring personal belongings to the ceremony?

For security and space reasons, luggage or other large personal items should not be brought to the Hall. Any such items brought to the venue will be placed under an awning outside the Hall. This will be supervised, but storage is at the owner’s risk and neither the Hall nor the University can accept responsibility for any loss or damage. 

Please note that all bags will be searched so we advise keeping possessions to a minimum on the day. The hall has a cloakroom where coats and umbrellas can be left for a charge.  There will be a gazebo to store larger bags but we advise leaving them in your hotel/car is possible.  Please allow additional time to accommodate the security checks.

I do not wish to shake hands when I receive my degree for cultural reasons.

This is fine, however you should pause in front of the Chancellor/Vice-Chancellor and give a small bow.

Can I take photos or selfies during the ceremony?

Guests are permitted to take photos/videos during the ceremony as long as they do not stand or walk about or in any other way impede the enjoyment of other guests. We accept that graduands will also want to take photos of their friends as they graduate, but again, the ceremony flow must not be impeded or delayed by this. The taking of ‘selfies’ on stage is therefore not permitted, and you must also not create photo opportunities on stage by hugging or in any other way intruding on the personal space of any of the officiating officers.

We feel sure that you will recognise how disconcerting and even threatening such actions can seem; a simple handshake is the required and appropriate gesture of acceptance of the award.

Can I collect my graduation documents from the University?

If you do not attend graduation, you may collect your graduation documents from the University. Graduation documents will be made available to collect from the Student Services Centre within the Charles Wilson Building after all graduation ceremonies have taken place.

You will receive an email from advising you when your documents are available to collect. 

Please remember to bring some photo ID with you so that we can verify your identity (such as your passport or driving licence).

Please note that you will only be able to collect your own documents. We cannot allow students to collect documents for their relatives or friends, nor can another person collect your documents on your behalf.

Will I get a HEAR?

For undergraduate students, the HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report) provides a single comprehensive record of your achievement of your time at the University of Leicester. This includes academic work, extra-curricular activities, prizes and employability awards, voluntary work and offices held in student union clubs and societies that have been verified by the University of Leicester. It is a digital transcript you can access once you have completed your studies; this means that it cannot be printed.

You are eligible for a HEAR if you graduated from an undergraduate campus-based course from 2012 onwards.

Graduates of the following programmes are not eligible to receive a HEAR:

  • School of Medicine
  • Humanities
  • Education PG Cert and PGCE courses
  • Lifelong Learning courses
  • Erasmus and Joint Year Abroad (JYA) students

How will I get my HEAR?

We will create an account for you and contact you when it is ready to be activated. This will be after you have received your final award and your degree is conferred.

You can view your HEAR at, but please note that it will not be available until we have contacted you.

How will potential employers access this information?

Although the HEAR is a digital record, if you are applying for a job, you can authorise the employer to view your HEAR in support of your application. Full details will be supplied when your HEAR is ready and you log onto


Should you have any other queries, please contact us by phone on 0116 252 2448 or email

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Use our graduation checklist to make sure that you have done everything you need to do before the ceremony, and know what to do on the day.

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