APPS Update July 2012

The University Hospital of Gondar (UHG) and University Hospitals of Leicester(UHL) have now been working together for almost three years on Patient Safety and are making progress in all 5 action areas we have started:

  • Healthcare Associated Infections – Hand Hygiene
  • Safe Surgical Care – WHO checklist
  • Healthcare Waste Management
  • Research and Surveillance
  • Health Care Worker Protection

Healthcare Associated Infections – Hand Hygiene

cleanj hands banner.JPG

For the first time Ethiopia joined the rest of the world in the global celebration day – Save Lives: Clean Your Hands, on May 7th 2012. There was an air of excitement around the hospital and there was an opportunity for Senior staff at the hospital as well as myself to talk to many people about the importance of Hand Hygiene.

A poster competition had been held in two of the local schools to get new posters to put around the hospital about Hand Hygiene. On the celebration day the two winning posters were chosen out of twenty two entries and have been brought back to the UK to be made into laminated posters. They will be returned to Gondar on the next APPS visit, later this year. All the children who took part received a prize as they all worked so hard and produced some excellent posters.

clean hands2.JPG
Gondar children showing the save lives wash your hands posters they had designed.

In April 2000 alcohol based hand rub (ABHR) bottles were sent to Gondar from the UK. Most of them are to be filled and put on the end of patient’s beds so that everyone can clean their hands before touching the patient.

Some smaller pocket size bottles were also sent specifically for the staff on the paediatric ward because bed side bottles near children may be unsafe. Supplies of the ABHR should be available everywhere in the hospital very soon so that everyone can start using it again to make the hospital a safer place for our patients. Every member of staff has been trained using the ABHR. Audit will start again as soon as the ABHR is available and further training will be given to everyone who needs it.

Health Care Worker Protection

Dr Leverment from UHL, Occupational Health Department visited in May and worked alongside staff who had been appointed to start the Health Care Worker Protection project. It is hoped to be able to vaccinate all staff against Hepatitis B.  There will be further information on this project in the next newsletter.

Safe Surgical Care – WHO checklist

Everyone is working hard on this project and compliance with the WHO checklist has risen from 17% to 76% over the last 6 months. Dr Yonas is keen to improve this figure and further work is to be carried out. It is hoped that someone from UHL will visit Gondar later in the year to support the on-going work.

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