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As part of the hand hygiene part of the African Partnerships for Patient Safety (APPS) programme alcohol based hand rub (ABHR) was introduced across Gondar hospital.  It however proved a severe challenge to obtain sustainable supplies of the ready manufactured solution. 

Gondar Hospital decided that in order to ensure a cost effective secure and sustainable supply of ABHR solution to best course of action was to manufacture the solution on the hospital site.  The hospital made a commitment to ensure that there is a budget allocated to purchase all of the ingredients needed and to integrate all of the activities into the hospital systems.


To this aim, supported by the World Health Organization (WHO) funded APPS programme Endalkachew Admassi and Fekade Haile, two Gondar Hospital pharmacists, travelled to an APPS partner hospital in Kamuzu in Lilongwe, Malawi to receive training on the production of ABHR.

The objectives of the training were to:

  • review best practice protocols for the use of ABHR as an infection prevention tool
  • learn how different disinfectants can be sustainably acquired
  • learn how ABHR is produced in Kamuzu
  • learn about storage, production process and quality control protocols
  • observe the communication lines between pharmacy unit and Wards in Kamuzu hospital
  • share experiences on safe disposal of waste pharmaceuticals and other hospital waste in an environmentally friendly way

The team managed to formulate 10 litres of ABHR during the training.

The Gondar team were able to share their experiences and common challenges of using ABHR in Gondar Hospital and Kamuzu .  One problem in Kamuzu is the loss of individual small dispenser bottles.  Gondar hospital actually use larger bottles fixed to each patient’s bedside which avoids this problem.

On returning back from Malawi, the team plan to:

  • develop protocols for the disposal of pharmaceutical waste
  • run a staff education programme on the use of ABHR
  • start the production of ABHR for Gondar Hospital

Both Endalkachew Admassi and Fekade Haile expressed gratitude towards the partners in Malawi for hosting and looking after them during this training and for the support and funding from the APPS partners in Leicester and the WHO.

Written by Edalkachew Admassi and Fekade Haile 

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