Strengthening Surgical Capacity (SSC)

During a visit to Leicester of both Hospital and Clinical Directors (Drs Kiros and Yonas respectively) of Gondar Hopsital in 2011, the outline to this project was put together. The project was funded by Johnson and Johnson through the Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET) SSC Fund

This project has strong support of the Hospital Director in Gondar Dr Kiros to whom the theatre management team will be answerable.  There are adequate human and financial resources to run the operating theatres in Gondar efficiently.  The facilities are underused not because of lack of human resources or funding for equipment or drugs, but because of the inefficient use of these resources and to some extent because of the need to manage adverse external factors such as failure of the piped water or electricity supply.  The establishment of a theatre management group with a clear strategic plan will improve surgical and obstetric care without the need for any further inputs either human or budgetary.

The aims are to:

    • Improve the efficiency and ethicecy of the operating room in Gondar in order to enhance patient care.
    • To create a management team in Gondar in order to encourage teamwork and professional satisfaction.
    • To use the operating room management team as an example of the way in which clinical governance might be implemented in Gondar in the future.

The means of doing this were:

    • A training programme partly in Gondar and partly in the UK.
    • The establishment of an OR management team.
    • A monitoring/audit process to evaluate the outcome.

If you would like further details about this project please contact in Leicester - Mike Silverman and in Gondar - Dr Yonas

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