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The Leicester–Gondar PhD programme is designed to develop a sustainable research capacity at Gondar University and promote collaborative research involving the University of Leicester, Gondar University and other universities in Ethiopia.

The PhD programme – supported by the GENIE CETL, the University of Leicester and Gondar University – evolved from a long-standing link between health professionals in Leicester and Gondar established by Professor Mike Silverman. Three members of staff from Gondar are currently registered as PhD students at the University of Leicester. They spend three months every year at Leicester and then return to Ethiopia to continue their research under the joint supervision of academics from the University of Leicester and academics from Ethiopian universities. The topics include the genetics of important agricultural crops, drug-resistant tuberculosis and aspects of maternal health.

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Reception given to Leicester PhD Supervisors in Gondar July 2009
It is hoped that the development of sustainable research into topics of local interest, supported by collaboration between UK and Ethiopian institutions, will allow the participants to become research leaders in their disciplines in Ethiopia. We are now investigating funding options to expand this programme to take on further students.



Project started in 2007 and completed in 2015.  However research collaborations between the University of Leicester and the University of Gondar continue.

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