MSc Advanced Clinical and Laboratory Practice

MSc Programme for Gondar's Non-Medically Qualified Health Professionals

Gondar University launches an MSc Degree for Clinical and Laboratory staff in September 2010.  This will have the same general structure.  It has been development by the Link, following initiatives by Gondar University and the Ethiopian Ministry of Health. 

Entrance to the University of Gondar in Northern Ethiopia.

The core phase (first semester) will be taken by all students together.  This is followed by the specialist tracks. Jimma University is collaborating with Laboratory Technology. The instructors will be drawn mainly from Gondar and Leicester. The graduates will be the clinical and laboratory leaders of the future!

The National Health Service in the UK has for many years ensured that its health professionals keep up to date by means of closely regulated Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programmes.  Evidence of continued learning is necessary in order to renew professional registration, and with it the right to practice.  In contrast, the only CPD available to health professionals in Ethiopia has been provided by HIV-related funded schemes, and attendance has been voluntary.

The Medical Link between Gondar and Leicester has always had professional development at its heart.  For example, some 7 or 8 years ago, with a grant from the British Council, the Masters Degree in Public Health (MPH) programme was created in Gondar.  At the time, this was an innovative scheme: Gondar led the way in professional, postgraduate training!  The MPH has evolved from a single track into a flexible, multi-track degree.

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