Leadership and Management Training for Senior Nurses

Sandra Kemp, delivering training for nurses in Gondar Hospital

Over the last three years Leadership and Management training has been given to the Matrons, Senior Nurses and Head Nurses in Gondar through twice yearly visits.  This started with a needs led assessment and workshops followed.  The Nurses were given opportunities to visit and observe at other hospitals in Ethiopia and then encouraged to make improvements to their wards/ departments when they returned.  This is an ongoing project.





Resuscitation Project - 2000 - 2004

Dr Elaine Carter and I (Sandra Kemp) were asked to create and deliver an Advanced Paediatric Life Support course for Doctors and Nurses on the Paediatric Ward. We developed a course that was adapted from the APLS Support Group of the UK and ratified by the European Board of Resuscitation and was specific for the context of Gondar. We delivered it to 12 individuals, 2 Paediatricians, 3 Nurses, and 7 GPs from Paediatrics, Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology. All took a test at the end which had 2 parts: (a) MCQ and (b) Practical. They all passed the one week course, which was quite tough, and given certificates at the end. We continued to run other courses for a few years at their request until the Gondar staff took over and also incorporated the training in the Medical Curriculum.

From this there was a further request to teach basic life support, Infection Control, Pain management and Tracheostomy care for all Nurses and Midwives. This training continued twice a year for a further three years until the Tutors took over the training. All the equipment that was bought for the training was left in Gondar for their staff to use to train others. Both the Maternity Ward and the Childrens Ward received vital emergency resuscitation equipment to be used in an emergency.

Over the four years it is estimated that well over 1000 staff received the training and all were given certificates.

Nursing Leadership - 2005 - 2008

We were asked to help improve the Nursing leadership in Gondar Hospital and carried out a Needs Based Assessment in 2005.

We visited twice a year to deliver training in Gondar, Addis Ababa and Wolisso at various Hospitals in the country and took groups of Senior Nurses to different Hospitals to learn from others as well as giving them training in various Senior Management topics in Gondar. In return for the support we had from Wolisso Hospital we gave Paediatric Curriculum training for their Student Nurses once a year.

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