Introducing Clinical Audit at Gondar Hospital

Mistir the appointed Clinical Audit Clerk

A Clinical Audit service was established as a means of enhancing the quality of clinical care in Gondar.  Clinical governance structures were at a very early stage of development in Gondar and it is felt that the establishment of clinical audit will create sustainable, self managed procedures to improve the quality of clinical care, in the most cost-effective manner.

An audit committee was established in Gondar, and a nurse Mistir was appointed to the post.  This has become very successful and was the first Clinical Audit programme in Ethiopia.

National Clinical Audit Workshop

In April 2010 Dr Elaine Carter visited Gondar and helped to run a National Audit Workshop.  The aim of this was to train more staff to enable them to conduct clinical audits as well as training clinical audit leads in other Ethiopian hospitals.  Approximately 23 people attended the workshop, 10 from Gondar and 13 representing 5 of the other teaching hospitals in Ethiopia.  There was also a representative from the Ethiopian Ministry for Health who said that she would like to see clinical audit incorporated at government level.



This project is closed with regard to the University of Leicester.  Clinical audits are on-going and are being managed by the team in Gondar.

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