Gondar Hospital Maternity Unit Upgrade

The Maternity Ward in Gondar has never been upgraded since it was built about 50 years ago.  It was recognised that an increasing number of mothers were coming to the hospital for delivery and that the Ward was in desperate need of improvements.  There are approximately 30 deliveries every day.

This project is run by the Leicester-Gondar Link with support from the Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET). The Tropical Health Education Trust were able to identify some funding and support has been given to Gondar by the Leicester Nursing Team to redesign the ward, advise on plumbing, electrics and sanitary improvements, update equipment.  The upgrade was completed in March 2010 and we will now be delivering training to Medical and Nursing staff. 

Gondar Hospital Delivery Suite



The Maternity Ward was built at the same time as the Paediatric Ward and although some modifications had taken place it desperately needed further work to make it more suitable for purpose. An admissions/observation area was built onto the ward to give the women privacy they needed on arrival at the Hospital. New showers and toilets were put in to encourage patients to use the facilities.  We also provided new mattresses for the beds; new delivery tables; oxygen concentrators; new baby cots and resuscitation equipment for mother and baby.

All the ward was painted and an electricity supply was established to enable equipment to be bought and put in. Training was given to all the Maternity Ward staff on resuscitation of the newborn, oxygen monitoring and some midwifery skills.

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